The Association Française des Vétérinaires pour Animaux de Compagnie (AFVAC) is a professional federation of companion animal veterinarians, founded in 1958, to provide scientifically independent ongoing veterinarian training, organised for the most part by fellow practitioners and accredited by the national ongoing veterinary training council, the Conseil de Formation Continue Vétérinaire (CFCV).

AFVAC occupies a major role in the veterinary landscape, pursuing its objective of providing ongoing professional training for all veterinarians, self-employed or salaried, generalist or specialist, for specialist veterinary assistants and for animal breeders. It also provides significant technical support to professional bodies on matters relating to the profession: veterinary medicines, combating antibiotic resistance, animal welfare, veterinary specialisation, etc.

AFVAC represents:

  • Close on 3,000 members
  • Local training courses offered by 19 study groups
  • Widely recognised training and scientific engineering
  • Multidisciplinary approach and flexible learning methods 
  • Nearly 150 courses a year on offer
  • Some 6,000 veterinarians receiving training each year
  • An annual conference, the leading French-language companion animals veterinary science event, to which every member is invited.
  • Three scientific journals: Pratique Vet, Revue Vétérinaire Clinique and the European Journal of Companion Animal practice
  • Ongoing and complementary training for specialist veterinary assistants, through seminars organised for veterinary practice, clinic and hospital staff, and an annual conference devoted to veterinary assistants
  • A website and effective social networks
  • Over 90 commercial partners (pharmaceutical firms, pet food manufacturers, buying groups) support AFVAC and its independence, as part of a mutually agreed partnership charter.  

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