The inaugural Innov & Tech Forum –Deauville 2019

Given the importance of the issues at stake, both for the sector and for society,  in 2019 France Congrès et Evénements inaugurated the first Innov & Tech Forum, held in Deauville at the invitation of its Mayor, Philippe Augier, then also FCE Chair.

The inaugural event held in Deauville during the American Film Festival attracted close on  140 attendees – elected officials, professionals, organisers, entrepreneurs and partners – who took part in a dense and diversified programme over three days.

The Innov & Tech Forum – “Imagining and creating the future for destinations and events” in figures:

– 1 magical destination: Deauville  

– 2 full days of work spread over 3 days 

– 140 attendees from all over France (elected officials, professionals, organisers, entrepreneurs and partners)

– 3 discussion venues: the Salle Elie de Brignac, the Centre International de Deauville and the Théâtre du Casino 

– 30 tourist destinations 

– 15 Innov & Tech startups taking part in the experiential journey

– 8 organisers 

– 30 speakers 

– 1 crosscutting approach, “The perfect meeting”, consisting of six themed sessions.  

– 3 themed hubs 

– 1 Blockchain Place 

– 4 plenary sessions 

– 9 venues used in the course of the programme 

– 1 setting unlike any other: the Deauville American Film Festival 

– 1 powerful and poignant film: American Skin, written/directed by and starring Nate Parker 

– 10 partners committed to the Forum’s success

See the programme at:

plus access the audio recordings: